Solder wire feeder

Solder wire feeder

  • Precise feeding of required quantity of solder wire.
  • Operator's hands are free of touching the solder wire
  • Programmable (feeding time and speed regulation)
  • Supports almost all of available soldering irons
  • Solder wire diameter: 0.8; 1.0; 1.5 mm (also customized)
  • Competitive price


  • Serial soldering
  • Precise and comfortable tinning and soldering
  • One hand is always free, what makes handling much easier
  • Technological requirements are easy to achieve - only required quantity of solder wire is fed


  • Work status - LED
  • Increased precision and comfort of work
  • Fast and reliable work
  • Safe voltage supply
  • Light feeding tip
  • ESD-safe grounding socket
  • Work control switch placed on the handpiece or on the foot pedal
  • Durable metallic drive
  • Spool is laid on the base with bearing

Technical data

  • Input voltage
    12V/300 mA AC
  • Cord length
    1020 mm
  • Dimensions
    180 x 82 x 150 mm
  • Weight of spools
    0,25; 0,5 kg

Standard equipment

  • Wire feeder
  • Handpiece holder for any type of soldering handpiece (please specify type of handpiece while you ordering solder feeder)
  • Solder wire feeder enables as standard feeding 1 mm wire in diameter
  • AC adaptor

Optional equipment

  • Foot pedal with cord
  • 1 kg spools feeder is also available

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