Fume extractor Reeco ESD safe

Fume extractor Reeco ESD safe

  • REECO fume extraction systems are designed to reduce harmful pollutants in the work environmentin order to achieve the prescribed health and safety requirements.
  • The Reeco fume absorber can be easily mounted on any workbench, because it is equipped with two arms, it allows you to easily protect two workplaces,which - taking into account the length of the arms - may be separated from each other by up to two and a half meters.
  • The Reeco Fume Extractor is equipped as standard with a universal combination filter with a 3 - stage filtration process, consisting of a pre - filter for the removal of coarse particles, an additional filter in the cartridge for effective pre - filtration and a HEPA main filter for the removal of microparticles.
  • The device is operated, apart from the main panel, with a wireless remote control, which increases ergonomics and does not require the user to bend under the table each time the device is turned on or change settings (including 10 airflow modes).
  • Additionally, the system is equipped with a filter condition monitor and an alarm to warn the user of limited operation or the need to replace the filter.


  • ESD Safe
  • Durable steel housing construction and durable motor pumps for many years of trouble free operation
  • Inexpensive, easy - to - replace, disposable filter cartridges
  • Excellent performance and quiet operation
  • Mobile

set contains

  • Main unit
  • Two arms 1400mm long and 60mm in diameter
  • A set of filters
  • Remote

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