In the Presidential Palace a gala of the Presentation of the Teraz Polska titles took place. The Jury of the Competition selected 16 products, 9 services and one innovation. Within this prestigious group – of the best products in Poland – REECO Robots developed and produced by RENEX Group were included.

For the 30th time, the prestigious Teraz Polska Emblem has been awarded to companies and institutions whose products, services or innovative undertakings are a showcase of what is best in Poland. The title is awarded in the course of multi-stage verifications carried out by committees of experts, thanks to which it is known for its high level of objectivity.

The Teraz Polska emblem granted to our REECO Robots is a great distinction and the culmination of many years of efforts in the development, implementation and improvement of state-of-the-art technologies. This is all the more special because this special – the 30th edition of the contest closely coincides with the 30th anniversary of RENEX, which we just celebrated. This shows us that the years of hard work of all those involved in building the company, and now the RENEX Group, are now bringing great success. The modular robots we have developed, and in particular the REECO Soldering Robot, which has been appreciated by the Jury, are increasingly appreciated by specialists in Poland and Europe. This is of particular importance to us as a Polish family business, built from the ground up since 1989 – the owners of RENEX Group – Ms Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr Predrag Topić commented.

The REECO Robot Soldering Machine – the leading product in the REECO Robot series – has been developed for soldering of THT type components on PCBs in industrial electronics production. It is an innovative solution that allows for precise and cost-effective production of electronics in medium-volume quantities. Thus, it allows for automation of production processes in electronics manufacturing plants, replacing employees for tedious, repetitive and demanding precision and experience tasks.

This robot is known not only to specialists in the electronics production industry – enthusiasts of modern technologies visiting a number of events and industrial trade fairs in Poland and Germany had the opportunity to see it in action when it successfully competed in time soldering in duels with Polish and other international champions.

The REECO Robot series, which is still being developed, also includes a dispensing, screw assembling and labeling robot. All solutions have a modular character – being a ready-made unit that can be implemented into a working production line increasing the efficiency of a specific stage of work.