RENEX Group, manufacturer of the REECO brand, has reported increased exports and expansion of antistatic clothing sales to new markets in Asia, South and North America.

REECO is a Polish brand of antistatic clothing used, among others, in production and repair areas of electronics and in cleanrooms. According to RENEX Group, the first summaries of 2020 show, despite the pandemic, a significant increase in overseas sales of this product category. Recently, RENEX Group has extended its distribution network to the United States, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia, among others.

This shows us the great purchasing potential of the Middle East and [North and South] American markets, and how the automation and production of High Tech products is also developing rapidly in markets that have not been associated with this area so far (…). At the same time, we are pleased that we are building a strong Polish brand in the world, which, we hope, contributes to the perception of Polish companies as reliable partners and the image of Poland as a country of state-of-the-art technologies. Antistatic clothing is one of the many products of the RENEX Group – alongside REECO industrial robots and furniture – which we develop and introduce to other European and world markets. Mrs Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr Predrag Topić, owners of RENEX Group, commented.

The REECO antistatic clothing offer includes a wide range of products – including T-shirts, polo shirts, aprons, overalls and protective footwear made of materials preventing electrostatic discharge. The offer also includes specialist cleanroom clothing made of non-dusting materials.

REECO products are delivered both to end customers – industrial facilities – and to distributors and service providers who rent specialist clothing.